It is a very common issue in our society that there is some kind of disputes and misunderstandings between husbands and wives. This problem is increasing day by day. It seems that it is a minor problem but this is not a fact, this is a very serious issue and some kind of attention must be given to this problem for its solution. It is very common around us that there arise a number of serious problems and disputes between husband and wife due to the misunderstandings. These problems lead to very serious social issues. Since the husband and wife are like the two wheels of a vehicle, they are equally important for the construction of a well developed society. They are the constructors of the generation, which is significant for the future of the society. They are the former’s of a civilized generation. They can shape the society in a better way. And all this is possible only when they live happily with each other. The problem of disputes between husband and wife is as much important as any other big and crucial issue. Keeping in account the importance of a husband and a wife in a society, there arises the need of solving this issue at the proper time. The success of a society lies in a happy relationship between a husband and a wife. Rudeness between husband and wife also leads to very serious social issues. Many major problems relevant to character building of the teenagers, proper counselling of the children can be affected due to disputes between husband and wife. One entire generation can be made lazy and in able due to the problems of this kind. When all the issues between husband and wife are settled and there will be no misunderstandings between them, the establishment of a developed and successful society can be made easier. When the issues of husband and wife are solved, then there will be a better chance for society members to prosper and develop in a more rapid way. Thus it can be inferred from the above discussion that the issue of rudeness between husband and wife is as serious and crucial as any other issue in the society. Hence it must be solved at the correct time.

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